The SAC is an certificate which is be awareded to students, whom partook in extracurricular activities of U.P. or the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The SAC is recognised by the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Utrecht.

For more information about the accreditation of the SAC-points, please click here.


U.P.: Utrechtse Pharmaceutische Studenten Vereniging “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum” (the study association)
Departement: The Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Utrecht University
Dean: The subject dean of the above mentioned departement
SAC: Study Active Certificate
Activity or Event: Committees, boards, congresses, symposia, excursion or other activities, which are accredited with SAC points
Website: The webpage with information about the SAC, which can be accessed via the website of the Departement and the website of U.P.

Applicability of the terms and agreements

The terms and agreement are applied when you a partaking to the activities accredited with SAC-points. The terms and agreement also apply to the obtainment of the Study Avtive Certificate (SAC). The partaking student accepts the terms and agreement by accepting the SAC participation tokens. The terms and agreements will be evaluated yearly and changed if needed.


The SAC is an certificate which is be awarded to students, whom partook in extracurricular activities of U.P. or the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The SAC is recognised by the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Utrecht. The activities mentioned above are symposia, excursions, congresses and committees. From the 1st of September 2003 the activities are accredited with a fixed number of SAC points and activities, which took place before September the 1st 2003, will not be accredited in retrospect.  A list with accredited activities and their respective accreditation will be determined at the beginning of every academic year and will be published every year on the website. This list serves an attachment to the terms and agreement. Students, whom want to receive SAC points for an activity, which is not mentioned on the list, will have to request accreditation at the board of U.P. four weeks in advance of the start of the activity. Activities are divided into two groups. The first group are the committees and boards, the second group is the participation to symposia, congresses and excursions. To obtain the SAC a student has to gain 25 SAC-point, from which 12 point have to come from the first group (committees and boards), before their masters graduation.


Participation to activities of the Departement or U.P. are open to all students of Pharmacy and CPS. The activities, which can be accredited, are published on the website. A participation token will only be awarded once per partaker. In the case of failing during the activities of the board or committees or in the case of wrongdoing during excursions or symposia, the U.P. board and the dean are allowed to not give the student their participation token or even exclude the student of partaking in the SAC. The participation to SAC is free and not mandatory.


The student himself or herself keeps track of the participation and is responsible for it. The board of U.P. keeps track of a list with the participating students and their respective points, this is for administrative reasons. The list is not a replacement of the lost or never attained participation tokens. The student is responsible for the proof their participation.

Awarding of the SAC

The certificate is only awarded to the student if he/she complied with the requirements of the terms and agreements. The certificate can be awarded at the graduation of master or bachelor diplomas. To attain the certificate, you have to request the certificate at least 14 days in advance of the graduation in question at the board of U.P.

Disagreements and liability

In case of disagreement, in which the terms and agreements are not providing, the dean will take the decision after consultation with the board of U.P. This decision is final. The Departement and U.P. are not responsible for any damage done or problems, which are come from participating to the programme of attaining the Study Active Certificate.


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