At U.P.S.V. “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum” you are able to participate in activities. You can unsubscribe free of charge for the activities you have signed up for up to 48 hours until the start of the activity.  This will also be mentioned in the participants emails, which will be send before the event or activity.
If you unsubscribe later than 48 hours before the start of the activity, you are obliged to pay the participation fee. When you do not show up on U.P. activities, it is possible that the rest of the U.P. members will have precedence. This means, for example if there is a lottery, you will be put last on the lottery list.
We assume you will show up, when you sign up for an activity or event. If you still want to unsubscribe, take notice that you unsubscribe on time and with proper reason. This should be noted to the board of U.P.