Availability of the books
The books are arranged here by period and academic year. Before each term, book lists are still checked with course coordinators. This ensures the accuracy of titles and editions. The required books will be posted online two weeks prior to the start of the period, until approximately week 7 of the period.

When can you order your books?
The table below shows the start of the different periods. No later than two weeks before the period begins, the books are online and can be ordered. Note: Books are available to order until the new term comes online!

Block 1 Monday, September 1, 2022
Block 2 Monday, November 14, 2022
Block 3 Monday, Feb. 6, 2023
Block 4 Monday, April 24, 2023

How does the discount work?
Geneeskundeboek.nl checks daily whether titles are available cheaper online and adjusts the book price accordingly. This ensures that you purchase your textbooks at maximum discount. Because the price can change daily, there is no fixed discount rate. Still, you can be guaranteed to get 5% off the wholesale price anyway.

Purchasing books for a course from another study?

It is possible to purchase books you need for an elective course that are not shown on the website. You will need the ISBN number and edition of the book in question.

Steps for purchasing:

  1. Collect the ISBN number and edition of the book.

  2. Send an email to customer service@medicinebook.co.uk with the subject: Book Choice Course and mention that you would like to purchase a book from another course (please include ISBN number and edition).

  3. The supplier will now find out if they have the book in stock, the cost and the delivery time. This will be communicated.

  4. The student can then indicate whether or not he/she agrees.

  5. The book will then be shipped by the vendor and an invoice will be sent to the student.

Do you have questions about this? Then send an email to assessor1@upsv.nl.

Are your books not among them?
Sometimes the books you need may not be on the site because it is assumed that you have already purchased the books once in a previous course. Is this the case? Then send an email to assessor1@upsv.nl and the books can be put online for you.

KNMP books
You will need the Informatorium Medicamentorum, Formularium of Dutch Pharmacists and the Standards of Self-Care in your Pharmacy major and cannot be ordered through this site. Once you are registered for the course FA-MA104 you will receive an email about the procedure for ordering these books.

For questions regarding book sales, please feel free to email assessor1@upsv.nl.