Hi UP’ers!!
As brand new CPS committee we are ready to organize some fun activities this year for you! But first, let’s introduce ourselves:

Merel is the mom in charge, our praeses. This Dutch chaotic busy bee is going to do her best to get everything out of this year, since she never does things halfway. Besides, she will never say no to an extra bit of gezelligheid, a drink or a dance. Because of our chaotic preases, a calm and collected ab actis is more than needed.

Marit will do the perfect job. She will always be there for us when we need it. Her happy place is travelling the world,  at home with her lovely dogs or partying.
Jayden, our grandpa and questor of the group, is the sunshine of every bar, whenever he is actually able to arrive… He still has to proof himself as being questor, since he claims to be a very financially irresponsible person.
The most dedicated of us, is Kylian, the assessor I. He is the furthest from home, but wouldn´t doubt for a second to take the first train home in the morning to party whole night long. He is a real Dutch man and thinks nothing is better than his stamppot.

Romane, our assessor II, is from the sunny France, still wandering around with her sunglasses on. She lived her whole life in the tropic climate of Asia, but she will realize soon that The Netherlands isn´t that sunny as she is used to.
Our assessor III, Mariana, you will never see without her smile on. She is even happier when dancing, swimming or cooking all the delicious dishes from Portugal. She cycles everywhere from Zeist now, but she learned the hard way to always have a second key lock, since she lost her bike here after three days.

Committee members

Merel Lamerée praeses
Marit Beumer ab actis
Jayden Gopie quaestor
Kylian Voogels assessor I
Romane assessor II
Mariana assessor III


The new CPS committee is here and ready for action! Who are we? cps

Our fierce lady boss this year is Jennifer. Being a local from Maarssen, she knows her way across the city. Drinking wine is her expertise, but thanks to the U.P. drinks, she can add beer on that list too. With her organizational skills and her kind spirit, she will make a great praeses for this year’s CPS committee.

Introducing Mayèn, the left-handed right-hand woman of the praeses, the ab actis. She is organized but spontaneous, calm but prepared and direct but sweet, which makes her the best possible candidate for this position. With carnival in her blood and veins, she will be an exquisite ab actis.

Wiktoria, quaestor, great at money management especially when it comes to buying alcohol. She comes from Warsaw, so she knows how to party through the whole night. Her carbon footprint equals zero because she will bike anywhere even when it’s raining.

Our assessor I, Annemarije, has lived in Zeist (near Utrecht) her whole life, but don’t ask her for good places to have a drink. She won’t have an answer for you, because of her lack of sense of direction. Therefore, organizing a pub crawl will be the opportunity for her to explore the city.

John-Morgan, our assessor II, is from Aruba, a small island in the Caribbean where it is always sunny and warm. So, everyone is always surprised when he says that he likes the weather here. Maybe he got a little too much sun in Aruba.

Our assessor III, Jelle, is always down to party so there is no lack of ‘gezelligheid’ as the Dutch people like to say, during our activities. He really likes music and is always down to drink (or chug) a cold one.

Committee members

Jennifer Hotie praeses
Mayèn van der Ven ab actis
Wiktoria quaestor
Annemarije van der Vorst assessor I
John-Morgan Pang assessor II
Jelle Rietveld assessor III



The new CPS committee is here to entertain you with the vetste activities of U.P.! But first, a quick introduction:

The brains behind the entire operation is Hilde! No one is sure where she picked up her masterful organisational and delegation skills, perhaps it had something to do with her appearing on Chinese television… we will never know. Nonetheless, the CPScom is grateful for her as she ensures the smooth running of the committee!WhatsApp Image 2020-10-26 at 13.02.04

Every praeses needs a right-hand woman and this committee needs a Leyla! If you ask this ab actis where she’s from, she’ll say ‘from all around’. This mysterious Sims-master will keep the CPS committee on its feet, as long as she stays away from heels and canals.

Tending to our coffers and an impressive 3L bottle of vodka will be Marijn, our new quaestor.  A man who can chug through a snorkel is sure to make for some creative and fun activities and make sure they won’t empty your pockets!

A good assessor is versatile; luckily Esmee is a girl of many talents. If you need anything from teaching your cat a party trick to having your face photoshopped onto a molecule, she is there to help! Luckily for our egos, there is still some room for improvement on her adt-skills.

We are eternally grateful to that door for not crushing baby Isa, cause without our assessor we would be entirely incomplete! We are certain she will make our activities into successes, partially by always arranging for glasses to avoid accidental black lipstick.

And last but certainly not least, our committee was completed by the assessor who survived the dangers of small-town Serbian fountains, Kosta! His modelling experience will definitely make for some photogenic group pictures!

Committee members

Hilde Spierenburg praeses
Leyla Sharafutdinova ab actis
Marijn Lamain quaestor
Esmee Wetzer assessor
Isa van Vugt assessor
Kosta Besermenji assessor


The new CPS committee has finally arried and we would like to clarify to you who we are. Job is the praeses of the committee. Even though he is of Dutch blood, this globetrotter has been living in different countries his whole life. He enjoys basketball and thinks that his gym game is strong, while we all know his favorite sport is to work on his beer belly in the ‘Jalo’.
IMG_7556Then we have the ab actis, Veerle, she has a big love for carnival. She can get herself in the hospital in the blink of an eye, but we love her for it. We hope that she willl keep her arms healthy from now on.

Samson, our quaestor a.k.a. Sugardaddy, is the one who holds the keys to this committees greatest treasures (the liquor cabinet). Don’t let his beard or cool looks deceive you, as he is actually a sweet guy.

Then we have the one and only Lonneke, one of our assessors. Born and raised in the Fairytale Forest of the Efteling. She has the greatest shoulder to take naps on and always has a spare ‘eierkoek’ in her bag.

Our other assessor is Annet. A very charming girl, at least that is what some committee guys think. She will need to carry a dictionary, as she is the only one who isn’t from the southern part of the Netherlands. Annet loves playing football and taking naps on Lonneke’s shoulder.

As Bram, our final assessor, likes to say, he is known for his ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’. But we like to say he is known for his accent, which is ”n bietje’ present. Bram enjoys going to parties and he is always in for a cold one.

Committee members

Job Markink praeses
Veerle Niessen ab actis
Samson Bulsink quaestor
Lonneke Koene assessor I
Annet Post assessor II
Bram van Hoof assessor III


Edwin Without a doubt in our mind Daddy Eddy will truly be the best praeses with his outgoing nature and dad like responsibility, he will make this year’s CPS committee the best. He made the right decision to lead the CPS committee and leave the multimedia committee behind. With his perfect balance of in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceuticals and partying. He is not alone but has the backup of amazing new members as follows;
IMG_7556Alina is from literally all over the place with her Russian parents, Norwegian passport and life in Dubai. So, whenever someone asks where she’s from, she always gives off a heavy sigh and then tells it at superspeed. Most shockingly she is not a vodka person which bothers everyone as she’s sort of ‘Russian’ but she does drink a hell of a lot of wine. Besides the confusing nationality, she’s an introvert until she’s had enough wine.
Lisa Lisa, our quaestor, is a Dutch girl from de Bilt. She’s an amazing person with a great sense of humour (not surprising with her collection of memes). In addition to that, Lisa has an outstanding talent of downing wine, but surprisingly not beer (keeping it somewhat classy). Lisa’s ability to always have beer at the borrels without actually buying it makes her the best person for the role of the quaestor.
Sara Our assessor I, Sara de Held, does her surname proud as she is our true hero. Steering assessors II and III to perform their tasks as accurately as possible, the whole committee would be a mess without her. She escaped having to do the harrowing challenges for determining the order of the assessors simply by being on time. Cameron and Dario have a lot to learn from her. Except for how to down a beer, because you will never see anyone down a beer slower than Sara.
Dario You’ll know Dario when you see him 15 minutes late (at the minimum) and flexing his assessor II rank like he’s a gold medalist at the Olympics, the only reason the CPS committee will stay afloat is because his handy slave (Assessor III) will finish all the tasks on the due date for him.
Cameron And now we proudly present our assessor IIIthe mad lad Cameron Forkes. All the way from the United Kingdom he brings his truly worthy skills of high tolerance to any substance known to man. The only reason he became assessor III is because he lost the saltine cracker challenge (it is rumoured he is still salty from his loss to this day or maybe it’s just the crackers), He will be there to bring all the good vibes to every event and party. In love with all the Dutch laws, he is definitely here to stay.

Committee members

Edwin Pietersveld praeses
Alina Andriayanova ab actis
Lisa Brandenburg quaestor
Sara de Held assessor I
Dario Fenneko assessor II
Cameron Forkes assessor III


Dear U.P.-members,
We are proud to announce the new CPS-committee! Our committee consists of two experienced second years and four enthusiastic first years. As every year, our task is to form an even stronger bond between CPS and Pharmacy! After all interesting as well as amusing events the previous CPS committee organized last year, we are motivated to surpass the events of last year.


Let’s introduce the members. First our praeses Cyriel, after a succesful year of being assessor I in the Introduction committee he (against all odds) managed to become praeses of this years CPS committee. He’ll be leading this committee with the same skill and dedication he has for downing beers during U.P.-borrels.
Anne is our ab actis this year, first year in the Netherlands, but already studied a year in the exotic and cold Glasgow, but decided to come back to the Netherlands to answer all your emails this year.
Then our quaestor, Job, we are confident that he will fulfill his task successfully, last year after the fabulous U.P.-borrels he always knew where he could get the cheapest beer before moving on to the next bar.
Last but definitely not least, the assessors, it was hard to make a decision who would become assessor I, but after an intense battle between the three first years, Daan was chosen to become assessor I. He gave us an interesting, rather hilarious plea on why trees are way too high, he just kept talking. With this kind of perseverance, he is going to be a great assessor I.
Ayla will be assessor II, all the way from Zeeland, she has a great skill of judgment, when we told awkward stories about ourselves, she managed to link every peculiar detail to a person during the battle of functions.
Finally it’s time for our only international in the committee, we proudly introduce assessor III Asja, from Slovenia. She never visited Holland before studying here, but she already enjoys the Dutch student life! We hope that we’ve introduced our committee enough so far, but don’t worry, you’ll hear from us!

Committee members

Cyriel Huijer praeses
Anne van de Loo ab actis
Job van Eijndhoven quaestor
Daan de Natris assessor I
Ayla Pieterson assessor II
Asja Prodan assessor III


Committee members

Anniek Henselijn praeses
Patrycja Lenartowicz ab actis
Arvid van Leeuwen quaestor
Johannes  Finnstein assessor I
Joshua Elford assessor II
Nanette Becht assessor III


Committee members

Sascha Moenis praeses
Inès Gallego Landin ab actis
Pedro Barbosa Tinnemans quaestor
Chris Bouma assessor II
Miha Sovrovic assessor II
Marinda Westerveld assessor III


Committee members

Phi-ngan Phan praeses
Emma van Groesen ab actis
Alexei Kouzmitchev quaestor
Ilias Kotsis ab actis I
Lida Javinen assessor I
Jeshua Tromp assessor II


Committee members

Nienke van Andel praeses
Lotte Wijne ab actis
Reinier van Neer quaestor
Koen Voskuil ab actis I
Lucas Beroske assessor I
Kateroma Tsililis assessor II


Committee members

Amanda Fernstrand praeses
Cedric Lau ab actis
Joep Titulaer quaestor
Jolet Mimpen ab actis I
Wilner Kan quaestor II
Charlotte van Gelder assessor I