There is unfortunately no bus available.

U.P. has got their own bus since 2012. 2 years ago we decided to buy a new bus, a Ford Transit, which can be rented to committees, and U.P.-members. In the menu below you read how you can rent the U.P.-bus.

The bus is a dark blue Ford Transit from 1999. It has a gasoline engine and is driven stick. In the bus there is room for 8 people(driver included) and three of the backseats are removable.

Are you going to move or do you wanna go away with you committee or friends? Rent the U.P.-bus for a nice price!

Condition of renting the U.P.-bus

  • You have to have a valid drivers licence
  • You have to be at least 19 years old
  • You have to have an account on Mywheels(which can take a day)
  • You have to be a member of U.P.S.V. “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum”

Step-by-step how to rent the U.P.-bus

  1. Send an email to to ask if the bus is available on the desired days. Mention you name, phone number, date and time of the rental.
  2. Go to
  3. Search on the postal code: 3584 CC
  4. Click on ‘U.P.-bus’ Ford Transit
  5. Fill in the date and time of rental, click on book and send rental order. Follow the next steps.
  6. After confirmation of the renter and tenant, you will receive a renting request from Mywheels. Print the request and take this with you on the day you are renting the bus.
  7. Haal op het U.P.-hol (Buys Ballotgebouw kamer 2.83) de sleutel op.
  8. Vul samen met de ab actis van U.P. het huurverzoek in en spreek af waar de bus na afloop van de verhuur geparkeerd moet worden.
  9. Take note of the distance meter in the beginning in the book of the bus and on the rental contract.
  10. Fill up the tank of the bus afterwards and park the bus at the designated area.
  11. Take note of the distance meter in the end in the book of the bus and on the rental contract.
  12. Check if all the electrical facilities are off (radio, lights, et cetera)
  13. Bring the key and the rental contract back to the U.P.-hol.
  14. You will receive a mail from Mywheels about the payement
  15. Close the rental.

Rules for the use of the U.P.-bus

  • The bus has to stay in the Netherlands
  • The person who rents the U.P.-bus and 1 other U.P.-member are allowed to drive the U.P.-bus.
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Keep to the traffic and safety rules


  • Per day the U.P.-bus costs €37,50
  • The first 100 kilometers are free, thereafter you pay 20 cents per kilometer

Other information:

At Mywheels  you have to pay a warranty of €250 when renting a vehicle.

Furthermore the terms and condition of Mywheels are upheld. (have a look at