In the first week of the new academic year Utrecht Pharmaceutical Students Association “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum” will organise in collaboration with the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences the introduction camp.

During the first day you will be introduced to the study association, the study itself, the building, and the University. In the evening you will travel to the lovely Someren in Brabant, like we have for a long time. During these introduction days you will get to know not only your fellow students, but as well some of the sophomores and seniors, the committees of U.P. and her members. They will introduce themselves to you during the camp. A movie is made to introduce the committees and there will be a lovely committee market, where you can speak with the committee members. Furthermore, you can ask anyone questions or have a little chat with them or you can just relax with you group.

At last we want to point out, the camp is a camp for introduction and meeting your fellow students. During the camp you will get to know you fellow student quite well and you will enjoy your new friends for the rest of you student life! This is not a hazing and we welcome all and every student.

Upcoming year the introduction camp will be held from 2nd of September 2019 till the 4th of September 2019.