In the first week of the new academic year Utrecht Pharmaceutical Students Association “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum” will organise in collaboration with the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences the introduction period.

This year, the introduction week will take place in a different form compared to the past years because of COVID-19. Check the site regularly for the most U.P. to date information. Although there will be some adjustments, we are convinced that the introduction period will be fun and informative and that there is still enough opportunity for new students to get to know their fellow students and U.P.!

At last we want to point out, the introduction period is meant as an introduction to the study and the study association and to let you meet your fellow students. During the Introduction Period, you will get to know your fellow student quite well and you will enjoy your new friends for the rest of you student life! This is not a hazing and we welcome all and every student.

Upcoming year the introduction week will be held from 6th of September 2021 till the 10th of September 2021.