Every 2 years U.P. organises the U.P.-career day. This day is especially for the master students, whom do not know what they want to do or can do.
During the day multiple firms try to come in contact with the masterstudents. Also, there are several workshops and the game is lobbying, where you can create a vast network as a masterstudent.

In 2015 the second Career day was held, which was a great succes! In 2017 the third Career day will be organised.

During the second Career day there were multiple companies and firms. Besides the commercial speech of the firms and companies several workshops to broaden your soft skills and to make you stronger on the labour market. The day ended with a speed-date session, during which recruiters of companies and firms could have a quick one-on-one with the master students. The student was able to make contact with the firm or company they were interested in. The whole day multiple stands were occupied by the firms and companies, in this way the students could get some more information about them! Overall the day was a great succes and the third will be even better!