General Assembly (Algemene Leden Vergadering)

Annually three General Assemblies are held. These GA’s are presided by the praeses of the board (president of the association). The Jaarvergadering (Annual Assembly) is held in June, during which the board will change. Furthermore, there are two other GA’s, one in October and one in February. During which the board reports their occcupations and where she proposes plans for representation of the association. Also, during every GA committee are decharged and installed and their preliminary draft budget is shown.

If the board sees the need for a GA, the board is able to convoke a GA at all times. Though they have to give a seven day notice.

Two weeks before every GA every member has the right to have a look at the reports. Access to the GA is only granted to members, honorary members, people who are part of a departement of the asssociation, and whom are invited by the GA.

The GA’s are held on:

  • 9th of October 2019
  • 12th of February 2020
  • 10th of June 2020