For students that are looking for more challenge and depth during their academic career, the Honours Programmes that Pharmacy and the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences offer may be interesting.

For bachelor students, this is the Honours Programme of Pharmaceutical Sciences (HPPS). For master students, this is the Honours Programme for ‘Innovation in Pharmacy’.

Would you like to know more about Honours Programme possibilities for you? You can find more information on the website of HPPS and HPIP.


The Honours Programme entails a total of 45 ECTS, divided over two years (as long as you are a bachelor student), of which 30 ECTS are allocated to honours-level courses (not applicable to CPS students) and 15 ECTS for extracurricular activities and projects (for both Pharmacy and CPS students).

Part of these extracurricular activities (7.5 ECTS) will be organized in the Interdisciplinary Module of the Science Honours Academy (SHA) in which all honours programmes of the Faculty of Science participate.

These include the organization of interdisciplinary symposia and an excursion to one of the many European research institutes.


In order to complete the Honours Programme ‘Innovation in Pharmacy’, you must acquire at least 21 EC by doing honours assignments and projects. One EC equals 28 hours of work.

There are three categories of activities to acquire these EC. You must acquire enough EC within each category in order to complete the programme.

Intracurricular activities (11 EC):

  • Courses 6 EC
  • Internships 5 EC

Extracurricular activities 10 EC

A more elaborate description of each of the categories is provided at the website, as well as some more information on EC.

Upcoming of HPPS evenements

Upcoming of HPPS events are:

– 26 november 2019 Thematic event