The Study committe UPdate will give you a monthly update to keep the students in touch with all the latest developments within the department of Farmaceutical Sciences and with projects of the study committee.

April 2021

The Afternoon Symposium is getting closer. You can sign up for the symposium via the website. We hope to see you on the 12th of May!

We would like to know your experiences with the elective courses. Please fill in the survey, so you can help us make an informative booklet for the elective courses.

This is the link to the survey for bachelor students (pharmacy and CPS):

This is the link to the survey for master students:

You can still vote for your favourite teacher to put him or her in the spotlight. You can vote via the following link

March 2021

The battle between the teachers and students has taken place during the teacher student quiz. After six exciting rounds, the students came out as winners!

The book sales survey is online. Fill it in via this link: and win a discount code for!

This year, students can put a teacher in the spotlight again. You can vote via the following link:

Save the date! 12th of May 2021, our Afternoon symposium ‘Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicines’ is planned, so block this date in your agenda and we hope to see you all there.

February 2021

Last month we were again busy with brainstorming about the program and finding the speakers for the symposium. Next month we have the teacher & student quiz as a new study committee activity. We are also working on this activity to create a fun program.

January 2021

We are working hard for the Afternoon Symposium, speakers are emailed and the program is being tought out. We are very happy with the news that Professor Ferdi Engels has been nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award. During the education parade on March 4, it will be announced who has won this prize.

November 2020

This month we wrote and handed in the files for the Price Teacher talent and Teachers prize. We also brainstormed, once again, about the upcoming symposium, and we’ve almost made the final decision on the theme!

October 2020

Due to the stricter measures imposed by the government this month, we all can do less than we would like. Nevertheless, just like U.P., we have not been idle. For example, this month U.P. organized a number of fun online activities to give you the opportunity to socialize with your fellow students, and not to forget to keep you moving (Tijn’s gym class). Besides, we as Study committee have come up with a few interesting themes for the Afternoon Symposium. 

We wish you all the best of luck with the upcoming exams! Keep U.P. and stay safe!

September 2020

Our first activity ‘Wie is de U.P.-mol’ has taken place. While playing Pictionary, a quiz, deciphering a morse code and finding the correct route on google maps, the participants also tried to unmask the mole. We had a very fun afternoon, even though the activity was online due to COVID19.

May 2020

The committee year is almost finished for us:

The Teacher student quiz on May 1st was very fun. We want to thank the teachers and students that were a part of it: we had a lot of fun seeing everyone’s enthusiasm!

The Afternoon symposium is also wrapped up now. Although it was very sad to change the symposium into an online version, we think we had very interesting and educational talks. We hope you all thought the stories of the speakers were as fascinating as we did.

We are now finishing up some lasts few things before the committee change, one of which is updating the guidebook for electives.

We wish the next Study committee good luck for the coming year!

March 2020

Due to COVID-19, we were afraid the teacher student quiz and the Afternoon symposium were going to be cancelled. Fortunately we have found a way to organize both activities online. Currently, we are busy organizing the activities in the best possible way online.

The Teacher student quiz will take place on Zoom on May first at 20:00 ‘o clock. The Zoom link will be online 15 minutes beforehand at We hope to see you all there!

More information about the Afternoon symposium will follow soon!

February 2020

Before February was over, we had to finalize the speakers for the Afternoon symposium, so we had to weigh our choices and we ended up with a great composition of speakers! The theme of the symposium will sadly stay secret for a while, but we can promise it will be very interesting.

The Teacher student quiz is already just around the corner, the questions are almost done and we started the last preparations.

You can already sign up for the quiz, so we hope to see you all on march 20th!

January 2020

The first month of the new year is almost over. After the holidays, we started looking again for the final speakers for our symposium. We have already got a couple of speakers confirmed!

We have also started working on the student/teacher quiz, we finished the first questions already!

This month we also got the results back from the first round of the docentprijs. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the next round.

The activities we are organizing, are coming closer, so the coming month we will work hard to get everything ready on time!

December 2019

During the last month of this year the study committee has been busy as ever. We have been searching hard for speakers for our symposium and slowly the program is starting to get together. We also started preparing the student/teacher quiz, where we have been assembling questions in a lot of different categories. In the meantime, we still wait for the outcome of the first round of the Docentenprijs.

The Study committee wishes you all happy holidays!

November 2019

November is almost over. We have celebrated the 25th Lustrum of U.P. the past two weeks. At this moment we’re finishing off the dossier for the docentprijs and then we play the waiting game to see if we are through to the next round! We had already determined the theme of the afternoon symposium and now we also have a chairwoman!

October 2019

This month we are busy with the teacher prize! At this moment we are collecting all letters of recommendation and all the other information needed to assist the nominations of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Besides, we started looking for speakers at our symposium.

The Studycommittee would like to wish you the best of luck with your exams!

September 2019

Our first activity already took place. The game based activity was a big success! It was a nice afternoon with enthousiastic teams and fun games. This was a great start of the new academic year.

We are already busy with our upcoming events and we have decided the theme for the afternoon symposium.

May 2019

After the success of the Afternoon symposium, we are currently working on our last tasks. Keep an eye out for FarmaNews (also on Facebook) because it airs next week. The guidebook for electives is also almost finished. In this book you will find a lot of optional courses with a short description and the experience of a fellow student. If you still need to choose some optional courses, look into the guidebook when it’s finished!

Lastly we want to wish the new Study Committee a lot of success and moreover a lot of fun in their upcoming Committee year!

April 2019

The Student-Teacher quiz in March was a lot of fun, this year the first and second year students beat the teachers!

Furthermore, the Study Committee is taking over Farma News. Stay informed through their facebook page:

The afternoon symposium “Stress & Burnout” is already on the 22nd of May; you can register now on the U.P. website!

March 2019

For the last time we want to put Liesbeth Bijlsma in the spotlight. Sadly she didn’t win the Outstanding Teacher Award, but we are still proud that she made it all the way to the top 4 nominees.

Also don’t forget to fill in the NSE (National Students Survey), the department with the most reactions gets free pizza! Last year our department won, so let’s win again this year!

We are finishing the last preparations for the Student-Teacher quiz. The quiz will be on Friday, March 22, so sign up quickly! Hopefully we see you there!

February 2019

The restless period of exams is over and we are continuing our work in good spirits. The last pitch for the UU Teacher Awards has been given and we will hear the results on the 7 of March during the “Onderwijsparade”. So fingers crossed!

The master Pharmacy also has a new study advisor, her name is Jolanda van den Dries. Her previous occupation was at the University of Amsterdam, but since the first of January she has been working as study advisor for the master Pharmacy students. You can contact her via

We are currently working on the Student-Teacher quiz and we hope to see you there on March 22! 

January 2019

After a well deserved vacation we have some amazing news! As you might have known, for the last few months the Study Committee has been working on the UU Teacher Awards. We can now proudly announce that Liesbesth Bijlsma is nominated for Teacher of the Year 2018-2019. With high spirits we are currently working on the second round. If you have anything to say regarding Liesbeth, you can always mail us or address us. And who knows, we will be hearing on the seventh of March during the Education Parade if we have the best teacher of UU!

December 2018

We only have a few more weeks to go before the holiday starts. As the Study Committee we are still very much busy bees with organising our activities. The Student-Teacher quiz is slowly taking shape and the theme of the afternoon symposium has been decided (however, it is still a secret 😉 ). Also, the course evaluations have returned so keep an eye out for those and watch your mail. For now, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 2018

After a fantastic Dies week we continue our journey with preparing for the UU teacher awards.
The teachers who have been presented by the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are Liesbeth Bijlsma (Teacher Award) en Lenneke Minjon (Teacher Talent Award). We wish them both the best of luck and hope they will be nominated!

We found out that the surveys for the electives from 1st period for the guidebook for electives were not available via the links given, so hereby are we sending the working links:



Thanks in advance!


October 2018


From today on you can sign up for courses in the third semester so don’t forget to register! Students who want to sign up for elective courses can use the guidebook for electives. Within the guidebook you can find information about the content of an elective and the experiences of other students. You can pick up the guidebook for electives at the U.P.-hol or watch it online via this link

This year the study committee also wants to evaluate all the elective courses and also make a guidebook for electives for the master pharmacy. Did you take an elective and would you like to help us with putting together the guidebook for electives, please fill out this short survey:

Thanks in advance!
For CPS students we made this survey to evaluate elective courses:
Thanks in advance!

It is also almost time for the midterms. On behalf of the Study Committee we wish you the best of luck!


September 2018

The academic year has begun and we too are busy bees. The first course evaluation has already taken place and many are to follow. If you have suggestions, complaints or other feedback, you can always talk to us or e-mail us. Anne Taams, the student board member, will also be available for you to contact via

Furthermore we are brainstorming about the nominations for the teacher awards. If you know a teacher who is willing to go the extra mile for his or her students, you can send an e-mail to

Hopefully we will see you soon!