U.P. board 15 points
K.N.P.S.V. board 15 points
EPSA Board 12 points
IPSF Board 12 points
Departmental board 10 points

Departmental Committees

Faculty Council (Faculty of sciences) 6 points
Opleiding Programma Leiders Overleg (OPLO) 2 points
Opleidings(advies) Commissie (O(A)C) 4 points
Onderdeelscommissie (ODC) / Departementsadviescommissie (DAC) 4 points

Big U.P. Committees

Almanac Committee 8 points
Scientific journey committee 8 points
Dies Committee 8 points
Lustrum Committee 10 points

Small U.P. committees

Career Day Committee 6 points
CPS Committee 4 points
Firstyear Party Committee 4 points
Internet Committee 4 points
Introduction Committee 6 points
Cooking committee 4 points
Master committee 4 points
Multimedia committee 4 points
Sports & ‘Gezelligheid’ Committee 4 points
Study Committee 4 points
Theatre Committee 4 points
UP to Date Committee 6 points

K.N.P.S.V. committees

Lustrum conference committee 10 points
Reception Committee IPSF of EPSA Congress. 10 points
EPSA Team 8 points
EPSA team subcommittee 4 points
IPSF team 10 points
IPSF team subcommittee 4 points
Professions Committee 6 points
Congress Committee 8 points
Folia 6 points
International Committee 6 points
Future and Training Perspectives Committee (TOP). 6 points
Post Congress Tour committee 4 points
Sports committee (SpoCo). 3 points

Such as symposia, field trips and conferences

U.P. Buicie 4 points
K.N.P.S.V. SEP (Student Exchange Program). 4 points
EPSA/IPSF Congress 4 points
Symposium K.N.P.S.V Congress 2 points
U.P. Dies symposium/outdoor day 2 points
U.P. FTO day 1 point
U.P. Excursions (various) 1 point
KNMP congress/spring day 2 points
KNMP Pharmaceutical History Day 2 points
Figon Congress 2 points
Evt. Other symposia/congresses 1 point