Via the link below you can order your books at the site of the booksale. For more information or any question please send an email to

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When are you able to order? 
In the table below you can find information about the start of the class periods. The books will be online and can be ordered at least two weeks before the start of the class period (it is possible that the book can be ordered earlier then the said time). Also, at the time the books come online, you will receive an email. Attention: Books can be ordered until the next class period ( so, about two weeks before the end of the class period)!

Period 1 Monday 6 September 2021
Period 2 Monday 15 November 2021
Period 3 Monday 7 February 2022
Period 4 Monday 25 April 2022

Availability of the books
The books are organised by period and academic year. Only the books of the current class period can be ordered online. This is done to ensure the correctness of the titles and edition. The needed books will be available at least to weeks in advance of the start of the class period until two weeks before the end of the class period (so, around week 7 of the period).


Are your books not included?
It is possible that books are not available on the site, because it is expected that you already bought the books in a past period. Has this happenend to you? Send an email to and your books can be put online.

KNMP books
The Informatorium Medicamentorum, Formularium der Nederlandse Apothekers en de Standaarden voor Zelfzorg are needed in the master Pharmacy and are not available at the webshop. If you are enrolled to subject FA-MA104 you will receive an email about the procedure to order these books.