Since January 2021, the association has owned a new U.P. bus, an Opel Vivaro. This is available for rent to all U.P. members. Below is how to rent this beautiful bus.

The van is a dark gray Opel Vivaro, from the year 2011. The bus runs on diesel fuel and is manually shifted. It is a van for six people (including driver). The bus has a large cargo area for luggage with dimensions of 172cm x 124cm x 130cm.

Are you moving soon or would you like to spend a weekend with your committee or friends? Then rent the U.P. bus for a competitive price!

Conditions for renting the U.P. bus:

  • You must possess a driver’s license B
  • You must be a member of U.P.S.V. “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum”

Rules for using the U.P. bus:

  • The U.P. bus must remain within Europe;
  • Only the person who rented the U.P. bus may ride in the U.P. bus
  • Keep the U.P. canister clean and handle it carefully!
  • Adhere to traffic and safety rules
  • Refuel the U.P. bus at the end of your rental period

Associated costs of using the U.P. bus:

  • Per day, the bus costs €37.50.
  • The first hundred kilometers driven are free of charge. After this, the additional cost of 20 cents per kilometer driven applies.

Excited about taking a ride on the U.P. bus! For more information and to sign the lease, stop by the U.P. den (Buys Ballot Building, room 2.83) or email