Hello everyone!

This year we aren’t just Multimedia, but also Multinational since we have a lot of countries represented in our committee. We are very excited to be this year’s Multimedia committee and to capture all beautiful moments on camera. Up to date

Our praeses this year will be Ilja. She’s a busy bee who attends crazy things you didn’t know existed like the real bowling competition, climbing courses and Snapchat-vlogging sessions with herself. Hopefully, this year her English will improve as much as the amount of strikes she throws.

Charlotte and Marjolein will be our ab actes. Charlotte comes from Brabant and loves carnaval, which can be seen by her amazing outfits. ‘Partying’ is her life quote, but she is also doing an amazing job as our mailkeeper. Marjolein likes to socialise with everyone so approach her for a nice chat. Besides, she’s also a hard working student at the Appie. In her free time, she can be found at (U.P.) drinks for a few beers and ‘gezelligheid’! :)

Our quaestors will be Emirhan and Yigithan. Emirhan and Yigithan are besties and they can laugh at everything! Fun fact: they come from the same city in Turkey and have found each other here in our beautiful stadsie. We are curious how much fun they will be after realizing the difficult tasks a quaestor has.

Last, but not least, our assessors: Sun is from Limburg and she is a tiny crazy person with a big heart who is always in for a chat or a party. Every weekend she leaves her amazing apartment in Utrecht to go back to Limburg to her family, two dogs and her horse. Mikail is our assessor II. He’s working so much he doesn’t even have time for a hobby, but taking part in this fantastic Multimedia committee is the one thing he couldn’t resist. Nikola is from Bulgaria and he loves the gym, dogs and going on adventures. He’s very well-versed in English and will be responsible for all the progress we make in our English.

We hope to capture you all in great outfits during the activities of U.P.!


Ilja Timmermans praeses
Charlotte van den Hurk ab actis I
Emirhan Özkaya quaestor I
Marjolein van Aken ab actis II
Yigithan Özdemir quaestor II
Sun Stijfs assessor I
Mikail Kartil assessor II
Nikola Todorov assessor III



Praeses Yuki was pleasantly surprised when he was asked to lead the multimedia this year. But actually you can say that this role was always predestined for him, since he works a part time job in the telecomsector.

Chloë is very excited to fulfill the position of ab actis I this year! She hopes that this position will help her to keep up with her emails! FCEF99BF791C46C588B35881B6B5785D

Sundan will be our quaestor I and with the way he is handling his two jobs we’re pretty sure this position was tailor made for him! We cannot wait to put multimedia into his busy schedule.

Nimthara will be our ab actis II and you could call her Ms worldwide! She is originally from Sri Lanka and studies in Qatar before coming to the Netherlands to study with us! She is very excited to be on this years multimedia team and can’t wait to start!

For quaestor II we will have Jules. As one of our youngest members this function will definitely prepare him for any financial situation in the future. He admits that he can be a bit lazy but luckily he is always up for some fun!

Michéline will be our assessor I. She is a real social butterfly and can’t wait to meet new people and form some great bonds! In the weekends you will find her enjoying a drink with some friends.

Our assessor II will be the French Candie. And yes she is as sweet as she sounds! You don’t want to mess with her though since she is very experienced in Krav Maga. She will hopefully teach us a little French along the way!

And last but not least, Noah! She is very excited to be our assessor III. She likes to have fun and she is looking forward to meet new people and have a good time!


Yuki de Groot praeses
Chloë Oppong ab actis I
Sundan Xu quaestor I
Nimthara Ranasinghe ab actis II
Jules Nijhuis quaestor II
Michéline Jeuken assessor I
Candie Salenc assessor II
Noah Barton assessor III


Hi U.P.’ers,

We’re the Multimedia committee consisting of:

Our lovely praeses is Wouter, who only got the job because he promised to get a Multimedia tattoo. This ‘merksletje’ from Amsterdam will do the honour of leading the Multimedia committee this year.

Sophie a.k.a. ‘The grote player’ will fulfil the tasks of ab actis I.ed263f4b-0fe0-4060-ab26-2e618c84b2a3 (1) She’s currently in her 3th year of CPS and without her the kissing tree of the Almanak would be a bit boring.

The function of quaestor I was earned by Milan, since he chugged his ICE in a sloppy 7 seconds (he’s a promising Multimedia member). He lives in Bussum, but was born in Rotterdam.

Leyla is our Mrs. Worldwide. She comes from Russia, but used to live in the UK and the US before she ended up here in our lovely country to try out CPS. She will be a great ab actis II (unless she decides to move. Again…).

Our quaestor II is Clara but we call her Madrid and it’s not because she’s one of the crew members of La casa de papel. A good thing is that this horse riding CPS’er figured out how ‘theepotjes’ worked at her first night in the Jaloezie.

Our assessor I this year is Daan. Most of the time he either plays FIFA, watches football or drinks beer (based on his snapchats). Unfortunately he supports the wrong club (AZ Alkmaar), but Wouter will teach him to love AJAX.

Laura will fulfill the function of assessor II. She comes from the vibrant city Wijk bij Duurstede and can’t wait to experience what it’s like to be in the Multimedia committee (and the Jlo).

Where we struggled to come up with a decent design for our logo, Joël came to the rescue. Although we’ve only seen a glimpse of his photoshop powers, this first year pharmacy student is a great asset to the team. He will be our assessor III.


Wouter van den Heuvel praeses
Sophie Groenewoud ab actis I
Milan Turan quaestor I
Leyla Sharafutdinova ab actis II
Clara Belinchón quaestor II
Daan Obdam assessor I
Laura Tijs assessor II
Joël van Leesten assessor III


Dear members of UP,

We are the Multimedia committee 2018/2019, consisting of:

Our praeses Kees-Jan, very suited for the job when he is sober, but at the end of the night we don’t have to count on him anymore.

Lotte, our ab actis I. Originally from ‘behind the corner’, but now lives in Utrecht. Lotte keeps things together when Kees-Jan isn’t capable to do it anymore.ed263f4b-0fe0-4060-ab26-2e618c84b2a3 (1)

Teodor a.k.a. Tedi is our quaestor I, originally from Romania, but he is already well established in the Netherlands with his knowledge of Bizzey and songs like ‘drank en drugs’.

Rosan is our ab actis II, suited for this function since she is very helpful within the committee. Besides, Rosan is always very cheerful and in a good mood.

Our quaestor II is Arthur. Arthur really knows how to party. He is already familiar with the pubs in his hometown Nijmegen, but since he finally has a room in Utrecht he can get to know the pubs in Utrecht as well.

Johana is our assessor I. She has lived in more countries than all of us together. Johana is very creative; thanks to Johana we have a very nice and original logo for our committee. She also has experience with photoshop, which we can use when making the posters.

Our assessor II is Stephanie. Stephanie is always present at parties until the end and then she feels very attracted to the opposite sex.

Henry is our assessor III, a function he is very proud of. He likes to compete with Kees-Jan since he believes that his function is way better.


Kees-Jan van Hoorne praeses
Lotte Stevens ab actis I
Teodor Christian quaestor I
Rosan Menalda ab actis II
Arthur Siebers quaestor II
Johana Jarkulischova assessor I
Stephanie Oskam assessor II
Henry Wan assessor III


One international and Seven dutchies.Multimediacommissie 17-18
The only one international is our #1 beer lover and praeses, Joshua Elford from England. He speaks lovely British with an accent but throws some random Dutch words like paardenkut into the convo.
Kimskie Tjong our ab actis I. The oldest but the shortest of the group. Always into sushi and you could say sarcasm is her second language.
Wouter ten Ham, quaestor I, definitely earns Best British Accent as a dutchy. Fun fact, people often confuse him as Kevin Hart.
Our ab actis II, Charlotte Krudop, has the moves like jagger and feels like a fitgirl every once in while she enters the gym.
Our next guy who is good with money is our little half-blood indo prince Edwin Pietersveld – quaestor II. One of few guys who actually likes wine.
Then the 3 assessors who battled for their incredible position. Lisanne van der Ploeg, assessor I, is always in for a party as long as there’s music. Loves to watch Netflix (and chill maybe?).
Our beautiful Merle de Lange, assessor II. If you want to get her drunk, play a lot of gamble drinking games cause she definitely shouldn’t go to the casino with her skills.
Last but not least, Betty Chou, assessor III, a cute Asian girl who gets Asian flush after a drink or two. And before she dies she will visit the South-Pole to say hello the Pinguins.


Joshua Elford praeses
Kimskie Tjong ab actis I
Wouter ten Ham quaestor I
Charlotte Krudop ab actis II
Edwin Pietersveld quaestor II
Lisanne van der Ploeg assessor I
Merle de Lange assessor II
Betty Chou assessor III



Chris Bouma praeses
Marinda Westerveld ab actis I
Miha Sovrovic quastor
Jamila Koucher ab actis II
Anne-Marie Quik lid
Laura de Kluiver lid
Sander Lamme lid
Angela van Dorp lid



Brigitte Koch praeses
Khadija Ahmiane ab actis I
Jan-Willem Versteeg quastor
Maud Vromen ab actis II
Ali Alshangi lid
Lisanne Bevers lid
Pleun Schwerzel lid
Jippe Hoekstra lid
Jochem Wolfert lid
Aniek Bonhof lid