Our committees

U.P. has a lot of different committees. Each one is composed ofseveral enthusiastic and active members. Almost every committee has junior, sophomore, and senior members which boosts the link between the years and reflects the multiple years. Without the committees U.P. would perish, hence U.P. celebrates her committee members by throwing them the Active Member Event.
If you click on one of the committees on the right, you will get more information about the committees and you are able to get know the members a little.

Bestuur U.P.S.V. “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum”
We are the 126th board of U.P.S.V. “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum”, also known as U.P. This year we are honored to lead the pharmaceutical study associations with the five of us. We are seated in the U.P.-hol everyday, this is where you can get free coffee and tea. Don’t be shy to come in!

The Royal Dutch Pharmaceutical Students Association (K.N.P.S.V.) is the national study association for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and is the overall body of the four major (bio-)pharmaceutical associations in the Netherlands. The K.N.P.S.V. backbone are internationalisation, fraternisation and to be the link between the students and the working society. Are you interested in the K.N.P.S.V. have a look at the website www.knpsv.nl, send an e-mail to bestuur@knpsv.nl, or have a chat with one of the board members at the events!

Introduction Committee (IC)
The Intoduction Committee (IC) provide the organisation of the introduction camp for the freshmen. Everything you will do and experience the IC organised it for you. Just to make sure you start you student life as a Pharmaceutical Sciences student right!

EerstejaarsFeestCommissie (EFC)
De EerstjaarsFeestCommissie, roughly translates to FreshmanPartyCommittee, which is a really fun and great committee for the freshmen. The committe is composed of 8 freshmen whom organise 4 parties, design a year sweater and  organise a freshmenactivity! Are you into parties, drinks, and fun? Apply for the EFC!

S & G, Sports- and Fun(gezelligheid) Committee, organises several fun or sporty events during the year. For example they organise the new years dinner  and the end-of-the-year weekend. They also take care of the representation of U.P. at the Batavierenrace, which is running competition.

The almanac of the Utrechste Pharmaceutische Studenten Vereniging “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum”, has been without a doubt one of the most sensational and controversial books made every year during its 30 years of existence. It is filled with multiple facts, news articles, gossip, controversial photos, prose, and poetry. A book which is a must-have for the pharmacist of Utrecht. Which U.P.- events did we go to this year? Or do you want the phone number of that one lovely U.P.-member? Who kissed who during that one party? It can be found in the almanac!

The association will be celebrating her 122nd birhtday. The Dies Committee is organising multiple events in the week close to the birthday, the Dies Natalis. The events inlcude: a gala, a excursion, a symposium, several parties, and a lot more!

The Mulitmedai Committee designs gadgets, posters, and stickers. They are the creative brain of U.P. and promote all the events. They are also in charge of making photos during the events and the photo table in the U.P.-hol. All the photos are posted on the U.P.-site, so made-memories are saved!

CPS committee is an international committee representing the CPS students whose goal is to organize fun activities (PubQuiz, Pubcrawl) to bring pharmacy students and CPS students together.

UP to Date
The UP to Date is  the magazine of the association. The UP to Date is published 4 times a year. Every edition has it own pharmaceutical theme, the U.P. events are discussed, new committees are introduced, and several fun columns and stories are shared. The UP to Date committee is the editor of the magazine and takes care that you will receive the UP to Date on time!

Internet committee
The internet committee takes care of the U.P.-site and continuously tries to improve the website.