2017 / 2018

Dear U.P.-members,
We are proud to announce the new CPS-committee! Our committee consists of two experienced second years and four enthusiastic first years. As every year, our task is to form an even stronger bond between CPS and Pharmacy! After all interesting as well as amusing events the previous CPS committee organized last year, we are motivated to surpass the events of last year.




Let’s introduce the members. First our praeses Cyriel, after a succesful year of being assessor I in the Introduction committee he (against all odds) managed to become praeses of this years CPS committee. He’ll be leading this committee with the same skill and dedication he has for downing beers during U.P.-borrels.
Anne is our ab actis this year, first year in the Netherlands, but already studied a year in the exotic and cold Glasgow, but decided to come back to the Netherlands to answer all your emails this year.
Then our quaestor, Job, we are confident that he will fulfill his task successfully, last year after the fabulous U.P.-borrels he always knew where he could get the cheapest beer before moving on to the next bar.
Last but definitely not least, the assessors, it was hard to make a decision who would become assessor I, but after an intense battle between the three first years, Daan was chosen to become assessor I. He gave us an interesting, rather hilarious plea on why trees are way too high, he just kept talking. With this kind of perseverance, he is going to be a great assessor I.
Ayla will be assessor II, all the way from Zeeland, she has a great skill of judgment, when we told awkward stories about ourselves, she managed to link every peculiar detail to a person during the battle of functions.
Finally it’s time for our only international in the committee, we proudly introduce assessor III Asja, from Slovenia. She never visited Holland before studying here, but she already enjoys the Dutch student life! We hope that we’ve introduced our committee enough so far, but don’t worry, you’ll hear from us!


Cyriel Huijer praeses
Anne van de Loo ab actis
Job van Eijndhoven quaestor
Daan de Natris assessor I
Ayla Piterson assessor II
Asja Prodan assessor III

2016 / 2017

May we proudly introduce,

The CPS committee of 2016-2017. 6 members, 4 countries, 3 events and 1 or 2 jokes (maybe?)committee1

Firstly, let me introduce Anniek Henselijn – She is our fabulous Praeses, although never play “never have
I ever” with her as you’ll be the one drinking every time. Anniek in two words? “woef woef” Patrycja Lenartowicz – our faithful e-mail answerer, or Ab actis if you will, Polish and drinks vodka like a machine, can’t imagine her life without dancing. Arvid Van Leeuwen – Quaestor, tight with money (not on a night out ladies 😉 ) and trying to keep things moving along . Assessor I – Johannes Finnstein, From the frozen north (Norway) an arts student who fancied a change, plans way too far ahead unfortunately can’t partake in the Dutch custom of Beer as he finds this “too gassy” so much prefers wine, and lots of it. Assessor II – Joshua Elford, as English as it gets, likes tea, beer, wine, drinking, alcohol more beer, always up for the party as long as he doesn’t have to cycle to Zeist alone. We all love his strong English accent and crazy ideas (especially when he’s drunk). Assessor III – Nanette Becht – Likes to play with balls if you know what I mean….. Footballs. Always enthusiastic and eager to go out. Sounds like a great team! Our activities will include: a Lunch Lecture, a PubQuiz and a Pubcrawl. You should definitely join us!

Hugs and kisses,

The CPS committee 2016-2017



Anniek Henselijn Praeses
Patrycja Lenartowicz Ab Actis
Arvid van Leeuwen Quaestor
Johannes Finnstein Assessor I
Joshua Elford Assessor II
Nanette Becht Assessor III


2015 / 2016


Sascha Moenis Praeses
Inès Gallego Landìn Ab Actis
Pedro Barbosa Tinnemans Quaestor
Chris Bouma Assessor I
Miha Sovrovic Assessor II
Marinda Westerveld Assessor III

2014 / 2015

Greetings U.P. members from all over the world,

CPS is a relatively new study, launched in 2010. This multidisciplinary drug research program is international and taught 100% in English. Its program covers the whole ‘drug pipeline’, meaning from drug discovery to development and testing of drugs in patients. CPS provides an innovative environment with a big cultural exchange where our students are trained for a research career.


Phi-ngan Phan Praeses
Emma van Groesen ab Actis I
Alexei Kouzmitchev Quaestor I
Ilias Kotsis ab Actis II
Iida Jarvinen assessor I
Jeshua Tromp Assessor II

2013 / 2014


Nienke van Andel Praeses
Lotte Wijne ab Actis I
Renier van Neer Quaestor I
Koen Voskuil ab Actis II
Lucas Beroske assessor I
Katerina Tsililis Assessor II

2012 / 2013


Amanda Fernstrand Praeses
Cedric Lau ab Actis I
Joep Titulaer Quaestor I
Jolet Mimpen ab Actis II
Wilner Kan Quaestor II
Charlotte van Gelder Assessor